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Mobility Lifts

Mobility Solutions in Washington, DC

At Express Mobility Services, we believe nothing should stand between you and your independence. That's why we're committed to providing the highest quality powered and unpowered wheelchairs and scooters at an affordable price, for rent or for purchase. But while a power wheelchair or a new mobility scooter may help you reclaim your movement, they're not complete without a lift system.

Make Your Freedom Limitless

Whether you're looking for a system that lets you get in and out of your car easily, brings you up your stairs effortlessly, or makes it simple for customers to access your business, we provide a diverse range of solutions to meet all of your accessibility needs. We use only the highest quality systems, and we provide installation and ongoing support and repair service to ensure you make the most of your lift. No matter what your situation, we can customize a solution that perfectly suits your needs. Our lifts include:

  • Stairlifts - Access every level of your home with ease
  • Commercial Lifts - Make it easy for customers or employees to get in and out of your building
  • Seat Lifts - Perfect for those who want a little extra help getting up the stairs
  • Scooter/Wheelchair Lifts - A simple, reliable solution to help access any level
  • Residential Platform Lifts - Perfect for lifting scooters, wheelchairs, or power wheelchairs
  • Pool/Spa Lifts - Enjoy your pool or spa without worrying about dangerous accidents

Contact Your Washington, DC Mobility Experts

Have more questions or want a lift of your own? We're here to help. Feel free to call us toll free at 877-721-3120 or reach out to us at our contact page to begin discussing your needs. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you reclaim your freedom and independence!

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Seat Lifts

The Source For All Your Mobility Needs!

With Express Mobility Services, you can count on us for all of your mobility needs. We offer high quality, superior mechanical equipment on top of our exceptional service. Our experts will deliver to your home and install your equipment with no extra charge. We proudly serve residents of Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria & the surrounding Virginia & Maryland areas. With competitive pricing on our wheelchair rentals to our power scooter repair services, see how Express Mobility Services can change your life today!

Comfy & Convenient

Our seat lift chair options provide the comfort and convenience you deserve. Seat lift chairs assist you to a standing position and also assist in sitting back down. They provide greater freedom by enabling you to independently get in and out of your own chair. They also greatly benefit family members and other caregivers because they no longer have to physically assist you. Seat lifts are real back savers! We carry a wide variety of seat lift chair models to meet the specific tastes of everyone, including many fabric color options, weight capacities, and seat widths and depths. We also offer lift chairs that fully recline for those who wish to sleep in the chair. Accessory options such as heat and massage, water resistant Crypton fabric, and cleaning/care kits are also available.

man in chair lift

Contact Your Mobility Needs Source Today!

Thank you for visiting the website of Express Mobility Services! We hope that you had a chance to browse our vast selection of services ranging from power scooter rentals to our wheelchair repairs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us so one of our experts can assist you! Or you can always fill out the request form below and one of our representatives will be happy to reach out to you shortly. With our exceptional service, you can always guarantee:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free in-Home Evaluation
  • Free Estimate
  • Warranty & Licensed
  • Insured & Certified
  • Seat Lifts Service & Repair

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Stairlift Installation Services for the Washington, DC, Area

Mobility Options in the Washington DC Area

At Express Mobility Services we understand the difficulties of having limited access within your own home, which is why we strive to provide those in the Arlington, Alexandria, & Washington, D.C. areas with a variety of mobility equipment. With our easy to use, affordable stair lifts, we can help you and your family regain the freedom of movement throughout your entire home.

A Variety of Options

Express Mobility Services has the perfect solution for every type of staircase, offering straight and curved stair lifts for indoor and outdoor stairs. We carry a wide selection of Harmar & Acron Stairlifts, and offer multiple options to meet your unique needs.

Service You Can Count On

We are proud to provide the best customer service and support in the industry. When you choose Express Mobility Services, you will enjoy an affordable stair lift professionally installed and maintained by our certified experts. Every stair lift is licensed, insured, and certified and comes with full lifetime warranty. Other benefits include:

  • Free consultation
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Service & repairs

Contact Us Today!

Find out how a stair lift could be the practical solution you’ve been looking for. Contact us now and request your free estimate and additional stair lift information. One of our experienced advisors will be happy to help you choose the lift that is perfect for you. Do not let a lack of mobility keep you from living your life. Contact Express Mobility Services today!

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Commercial Lifts

Your Washington, D.C. Wheelchair Experts

At Express Mobility Services, we are passionate about enabling people to have the freedom of mobility. We provide high quality wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, power scooters, and commercial lifts throughout Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas. We are committed to customer service and will work with you to find the perfect product to fit your needs.

Commercial Lifts in Alexandria

A Commercial Vertical Platform lift is a safe, reliable, and convenient lift solution for a variety of residential and business applications - be it a school, church, office, or group home. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, commercial vertical platform lifts can safely and dependably lift 750 pounds to heights of up to 14 feet, making them perfect for providing access to individuals who have difficulty using stairs or for lifting heavy loads where elevators are impractical.

A commercial lift is perfect for:

  • Your business, school, or office has a high deck or stairs to access the building
  • There isn't enough room for a ramp at the front entrance
  • Heavy items need to be carried from floor to floor
  • The building is low rise, making an elevator impractical
  • You have a stage or platform and require a commercial platform lift to assist people from time to time
  • A commercial elevator is outside of your budget

A commercial vertical platform lift is an affordable option that is easy to install and maintain. Our lifts are the highest quality and have a variety of unique features:

  • Quiet, smoother ride
  • Intuitive controls for any user
  • Unparalleled safety
  • Rugged, all-weather performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Operational during power outages

Customize Your Perfect Commercial Lift

Have specific needs for your space? We're here to help! We can work with you to design a lift custom-tailored to your specific location and needs. Call a sales representative to enjoy:

  • Free consultation, in-home evaluation and estimate
  • Warranty & Certified
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Commercial lift service & repair

Contact Your Lift & Power Scooter Technicians

If you have any other questions or want inquire about a customized commercial vertical platform lift, we're here for you. Feel free to reach out to us at our contact page, or fill out the convenient request form below - one of our sales representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

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Pool/Spa Lifts

Regain Your Mobility

At Express Mobility Services we strive to limit the impact your disability has on your ability to do the things you love. By providing those in the Arlington, Alexandria, & Washington, D.C. areas with mobility equipment for any situation, we are here to help you regain access to your home. In addition to providing wheelchair and power scooter rentals and repairs, we also specialize in lifts for your home. With our convenient, affordable pool and spa lifts, you can continue to enjoy your amenities with ease.

Enjoy Your Amenities With Ease

If you suffer from the restrictions of a physical disability, it can quickly become a difficult chore to go for a swim or sit in a Jacuzzi. Whether you are a handicapped individual with a private pool or spa, or you own a commercial organization and would like to make your building’s pool or spa more accessible, we have the products for you.

Dependable Service

We carry a wide variety of pool and spa lifts that are ADA compliant, and when you order from us, we guarantee that you will receive a high quality and dependable product. Each of our pool lifts is fully licensed, insured, and certified, and comes equipped with a multitude of features and benefits, including:

  • Free in-home consultation & estimate
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Service & repairs

Order Your Pool/Spa Lift Now!

If you have difficulty accessing your pool or spa, call Express Mobility Services today at 1-(877)-721-3129! We would be happy to provide you with your free in-home consultation, and answer any other questions you might have about our services. Limited mobility should not prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. Let us help you regain mobility today!

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Residential Platform Lifts

Quality Lifts For Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters In D.C.

Express Mobility Services is the leading provider of power wheelchairs & mobility scooter rentals for Alexandria, Arlington and the Washington DC Metro area. Our years of experience, knowledgeable and compassionate sales consultants, and licensed professional installers, combined with our dealer access to the best mobility products available is what sets a part from others in our industry. Our team is always dedicated to make sure we are able to find solutions that help ease your ability to get from point A to point B. For this, we also provide car lifts and residential platform lifts for you home.

Vertical Wheelchair & Platform Lifts

Make Express Mobility Services your first stop for residential Vertical wheelchair lifts and Incline Platform lifts. We are authorized dealers for Harmar.

Harmar Residential Vertical Platform (RPL) Lift

Harmar Residential Vertical Platform (RPL) Lifts are a safe, smooth, and economical solution to the barriers thatporches and other elevation changes can create in and around a home. Available in heights from 4 to 6 feet, the Highlander is priced to be competitive with shorter units but built to accommodate most residential applications with ease. As with all Harmar lifts, the (RPL) is simple to install, easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free for use both indoors and out.

Incline Platform Lifts!

Incline Platform Lifts provides safe and reliable access up indoor and outdoor stairs. At Express Mobility Services, we proudly carry the finest Incline Platform Lifts available today. Our selection of Incline Platform Lifts also comes from leading manufacturer Harmar. The Incline Platform Lifts we carry offer a wide variety of standard features and options, allowing you to find the model that best meets your accessibility needs. Choose from Incline Platform Lifts designed to address the specific needs of homeowners, as well as Incline Platform Lifts designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whatever your needs or mobility requirements, we have the Incline Platform Lift with the quality and safety features you desire.

Harmar Residential Vertical Platform Lift Highlights

  • Automatic, folding access ramp
  • Available in AC & DC models
  • Solid platform with non-skid surface for added safety
  • Solid 36" high guard panels
  • Weather-resistant design for indoor and outdoor use
  • Constant pressure, paddle switch controls with emergency stop button
  • Sensitive safety pan on bottom of platform stops the lift if it meets an obstruction
  • Made in USA

Get Your Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Lift Installed Today!

We are happy to help you find the best mobility access solution for your needs. We offer:

  • Free consultation & in-home evaluation
  • Free estimate
  • Warranty
  • Certified, Licensed & Insured products
  • Residential Vertical platform Lifts Service & Repair

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Car Lifts

Easy Power Scooter and Wheelchair Transportation!

Express Mobility Services is dedicated to helping you regain your mobility in everyday life. That's why we are proud to offer those in Alexandria, Arlington, Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas a diverse array of mobility equipment for purchase, rental, and repair services. A product that complements our wheelchair and powerchair rentals/purchances is our convenient and affordable car lifts. No longer will transporting your mobility equipment in the car be a hassle, with Express Mobility car lifts, you can take your wheelchair or powerchair just about anywhere.

The Benefits of an Express Mobility Car Lift

Scooter lifts and power wheelchair lifts can assist you in transporting your mobility equipment in your vehicle. Express Mobility Services carries a large selection of lifts ranging from mechanical solutions to fully assisted power models where lifting is as easy as pushing a button. We carry models that lift your mobility product into the trunk of your car or back of your van. We offer outside lifts, inside lifts, truck lifts, hybrid lifts and micro lifts. Enjoy an affordable vehicle lift professionally installed and maintained by our certified technicians.

Industry Leading Service

Express Mobility Services has a team of experts that can determine which model is right for your vehicle, your powerchair or wheelchair, and your physical capabilities. We also offer the best service and support in the industry, including:

  • Free consultation, in-home evaluation, and estimate
  • Licensed, insured, certified
  • Vehicle lifts service & repair

Get Your Car Lift Today!

If you want to ease the pain of transporting your wheelchair or powerchair, contact Express Mobility Services Today at 1-(877)-731-3129. During your call, one of our highly trained staff can answer any questions you may have, and set you up with a free in-home consultation. Regain your mobility with Express Mobility Services today!

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